Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Dragon Century: The Origin of" combat experience to know the 10 o'clock

"Dragon Century: The Origin of" combat experience to know the ten-point: to play the 2 days of HARD difficulty DAO, beginning with the thieves, later changed to play the Master, I feel this game is very challenging ... fighting talk here Some say my experience, the right hand suffered when to English people or novice RPG suggestions it:

1. To keep in mind this game is the RPG, not the ACT! Space is to always press, and his teammates also want to switch at any time, do not operate a fantasy figure what to use to go places open up relations skills ...

2. DAO skills for each character, not much, with the very important battle shield to attack the enemy archers Master or taken away, the Master Control archers or BOSS These are the basic principles

3. Because there DAO determine the impact, the card position is very important, especially in the indoor ... two soldiers gatekeepers can often be more effective, sometimes not four individuals playing an enemy, close combat, then if all you will find several teammates be stopped ...

4. Narrow the angle for the individual operation, the situation can be observed widening of the distribution of his teammates

5. Careful trap! AI is very clever often lead you into traps, if you see an enemy to fight a few turned to run it must take care ....

6. To all the scope of magic will accidentally injure teammates! But do not dare to use, with a good range of magic words is often the key to reversing the situation of the war

7. Although the spell does not need to sleep and memory, but must remember the magic of energy can not you think so much! Strict budgeting skills each of your release (wash down medicine can solve some problems, but not entirely wash down medicine)

8. At the tactical setting with their own blood in less than 25% when the automatic wash down medicine, it makes you a lot ... not easy to not want to wash down medicine! Particular characters did not heal once the case ... do not fall over if the Chapter a success of a

9. Spells and bows and arrows are trajectories, and wood, stone, shrubs, and even terrain are likely to block your attacks, be careful of their stations

10. This game BOSS is not terrible, terrible thing is the 4 on the N of the field, you do not want to repeat again and again the words of dialogue, remember that before the war record ...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HTML 5 will be discarded, and the elements will be enhanced

At present, HTML 5 standard is approaching the final stage (or as HTML, Co-Chairperson Same Ruby called the "first ending"), which rules have been greatly adjusted.

Parting words

Take a good, bb element

Apart from that it is saved as an offline process the page button, I know little of the bb element. Taking into account what may be other codes or conceal, deceive the user to click on to download some evil stuff into their system, so bb element to be canceled.

Use your browser's Options menu, you can achieve the same functionality. And so you will not be played for.

Already miss you, datagrid

Datagrid is a class of interactive forms, similar to the electronic form.

It was canceled because the element does not meet the standards, specifically, what browser do not realize it (although in Adobe Flex and Dojo toolkit have been implemented).

Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I hope to meet again in HTML 6 in.

Goodbye, article and section of the cite attribute.

For the purpose of the joint site, cite attribute is used in the two new elements. In this way, when you insert an article from the RSS source, you can wrap it in the article or section tab, and use the cite attribute points to the source Web site.

Based on the hidden metadata is wrong and evil, unless the organization who need it the principle, pubdate property still remain in the article and section elements. Jeremy Keith suggested it as a time element for a boolean property, I think this very interesting:

Lovely article

Tuesday 18 August 2009

In this way, you can still provide a release time (the parser will only concern the elements of each article or section pubdate attribute first, but it is visible to the lovely metadata).

Outstanding issues


time element is still subject can not be labeled as too old times, or the like "December 1935" so "fuzzy" time. This makes it useful for museum or historical site not. For me, this is a big drawback of this element, it touches on no particular reason.


This element has been re-defined for the display of small print or other side note. (Generally used to describe the small print disclaimers, descriptions, regulations, or copyright notice. Small print sometimes used to identify the source, or to meet licensing requirements).

Browsers support package for each block-level element of small elements, if the specification allows to do that would be useful (if not as significant).


legend is set to figure and details of the child elements, although any of it in the current browser can not display. Remy Sharp and I have proposed to re-set the header to replace the legend, or better create a new element. (See: Error Report, Remy's blog post "Save the Figure and Detail")

CONTENT element

You can tag your pages with new elements in the peripheral things, but you can not tell you the main content of assistive technologies where to start. Anne van Kesteren is name of element to create a content or main idea.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Practical architecture: logic layer [3]

Then the safety factor played a role. For the end user to run applications on a computer (Web-based or "rich client"), any system administrator or Anquanguwen Du Bu Keneng recommended to Bao Han's 鏁版嵁搴?mission-critical data directly Fangzai behind a firewall (for example, from the safe operation of the computer outside the scope of direct access). If adding an intermediate computer and then put another firewall, you can create a separate zone or DMZ often referred to as the region in which to further restrict access to the database. A DMZ greatly strengthen the security infrastructure, reducing the likelihood of a successful infiltration. This not only prevents data from being stolen, but also help protect the server (and the rest of the application or system) from a successful denial of service attacks.

Owners of many large systems favor n (physical) layer system, another factor is the deployment, which will be physically placed in the client software can access the computer process. In the traditional client / server environment, business logic and presentation logic and data access logic are intertwined, so that programmers feel very uncomfortable: the need for new updates each time (for example, need to change the way business data processing or to increase The new view of data), located in the user desktop "fat client" must be replaced and / or adding new code. This means that, at least at this time, someone (usually the developer or system administrator, whichever is the lower level of a) the need to run in all computers, to install the new code. Or require users to download the latest code from the network. Of course, most users are not neglected this point is not correct operation. These two cases do not make frequent release of such wise people really trust. And deployment will take time, and during this time, the system must suspend work, in order to avoid the Yingyongchengxu caused by a mix version of the database caused rush Caozuo any type of Yuyishuoju damage.

The deployment of factors influence the people n (physical) layer model, especially for Web-based applications preferred level. Now people do not need the code then deployed to the user desktop, and can be deployed to the (single) Web server, the end user's browser to select only those changes, but it does not need any further work. For its part, does not roll out the deployment of n (physical) layer system, the reasons; in the traditional client / server application environment of the times can not be obtained by adding a number of options is now possible to deploy the program list, which includes " No-touch deployment "(in. NET 1.x middle) and ClickOnce (in. NET 2.0 in), not to mention people of various mixed AJAX and growing interest in the structure. In fact, the release will update itself when you start rich client application (such as software manager at iTunes, Windows Media Player, or even popular. NET Reflector of development tools, see) has become increasingly more generally.

N a physical layer with the third reason would be that people are often mentioned, Danwangwangque Bu Neng really achieve, Ji Cheng Wei intermediate physical layer logic of some 涓氬姟 a focal point Zhexie logic can be more than the performance of physical layer Fang Wen You, but They can not know. On this point is the classic example of combined intranet / extranet application environment, including internal employees to use WinForms (soon to upgrade to Windows Presentation Foundation) applications to access the middle tier system, the middle layer of the system can then access the database, while the external users (partners and / or customers) to use ASP.NET or may be based on SharePoint's Web site to carry out the same operation: access to the middle layer, middle layer can then access the database.

Although this idea seems very simple in concept, but the structure proved to come from reliable it is extremely difficult to achieve. Because of this reason, the distinction between physical and logical and increasingly more important. If the performance (logical) layer, business logic (logic) layer and the middle of (physical) layer of a clear distinction between, it may be business logic embedded in the client (physical) layer (if it is a rich client application front end) and by avoiding network access to significant savings in performance.

However, the design in two different (physical) layer used in the business logic is very difficult to do. This means that business logic (logic) level must be avoided for performance (logical) layer or data access (logical) layer is common in the same (physical) layer to make any assumptions, this way we must assume that neither in one. Specifically, for the practice run in the middle of (physical) layer of the remote business object server implementation of data binding (via. NET Remoting), this can ruin an application. Now, every property access and method calls are traversing a network, performance will be compared with ... ah ... so bad than the constructed structure of the system designer's reputation has fallen even faster.

Fortunately, the structure of designers around the world has begun to realize that "distributed objects" approach, risks, and now the main theme of the times is the "loose coupling" and "coarse-grained communication", all of which need to be service-oriented method support the structural system. And other aspects of software development, service-oriented has its own flaws, but that is another column topic in other months.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Britain invented the robot can be swallowed pills belly detection of cancer

British scientists have invented a can devour the "micro-robot", it detected in the human gastrointestinal tract Gastrointestinal whether there is cancer, so that subjects from the traditional surgical biopsy or other examination methods of hard .

British "Daily Mail" 29 reported that such a tiny tablet-sized device with a camera that can shoot in the human gastrointestinal tract of about 40,000 images, and this device can be detected in the human gastrointestinal tract tumors, and the results to a computer in real time.

Doctors can screen the situation observed in the human body can also make "micro-robot" stop at a certain location, on the possible organization of cancer for more detailed observations, in order to more quickly decisions need surgery.

As the "pills robot" real-time images to computer back to when it completed the task, do not need recovery, subjects only through natural means it eliminated from the body, although pressing the toilet flush switch, put it away.

In England and Wales, about 2,000 people in need of unspeakable or surgical biopsies, to test whether they suffered from gastrointestinal cancer. Experts predict that new inventions will be able to remove the pain.

This invention is in a "camera pills" on the basis of micro-endoscopic techniques evolved. "Pill Camera" Camera detection using a medicine sheet large intestine inflammation, has been used in the British national health service system designated hospitals for the detection of Crohn's disease (enteritis) and other illnesses.

"Pill Camera" can only take pictures of inflammation in human body. In contrast, "micro-robot," the progress is that it can be analyzed in the digestive tract, distinguishing between cancerous and healthy tissues. There are many methods of its analysis, including analysis of fluid secretion.

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Rapid replication MSN Friends

Rapid replication MSN Friends

We know that using QQ member function can easily number in between the two friends QQ copied, which eliminates the trouble of repeating added. In fact, MSN also can do this, and is free of charge.

First, open the number of MSN friends need to copy panel, click "Contacts 鈫?Save Contact" dialog box will pop up the original number information as friends. Ctt file, select the appropriate location to save. MSN and then open another panel, click the "Contacts" option in its drop-down menu, click "save file from the Import Contacts" in the dialog box that opens into the original saved. Ctt file that is MSN friends can be realized easily copied.


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DreamwaverMX and ASP.NET (1)

Since Microsoft made. NET strategy, the programming of their fans rush. However,. NET indeed surprising that the new language C #, the new web service ---- web service, of course, for the web in general lovers of the next generation of love --- ASP ------ ASP. net. However, ASP.NET is not popular, but because without a good editor. People have experienced the tablet, VisualStudio.NET other editor, until the emergence of Dreamwaver MX do not really reached the degree of hand-written code.

Database and web DreamweaverMX perfect combination of the new web programming support is none, he supported the ASP.NET (C #), ASP.NET (VB), ColdFusion, JSP, ASP, XML, PHP, HTML is simply all-powerful. Here is greatly accelerates the experience of trial Dreamwaver MX for everyone to study

Machine's software requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000 or Windows XP professional (98 is the time out of the ^ _ ^)

Need to install the software:. NET Framework Redistributable (Download: Dreamwaver MX (Download:

Bottles and let us start our journey ASP.NET.

1. The establishment of ASP.NET site

STEP 1 Preparation:

Run page, the computer program must be installed on the server (IIS), to provide support for Therefore, we must install IIS, in the Add or Remove Programs in the add windows components can be installed.

With the Internet Manager (Control Panel, Administrative Tools 鈹?鈹?Internet Manager) to create a new web site to point you want to put the generated page folder.

[Figure 1-1 Internet Explorer settings]

Will Dreamwaver MX installation directory SampleGettingStartedTutorial and SamplesDatabase copy all the files under the settings to just a folder

[Figure 1-2 page content]

This example is a taxi service center, part of which will need to contact Taxi companies in all areas telephone, FAX and other information published on the web. The following work is to use Dreamwaver MX to complete.

STEP 2 build web site:

Open Dreamwaver MX, click on Site, select New Site.

[Figure 1-3 New site]

Dreamwaver MX mode supports two new sites:

(1) Basic: Using the wizard set up, convenient and simple, preferred.

(2) Advanced: more trouble, but set more options, Xiao Bian recommended the establishment of the first to use Basic mode, and then Advanced mode to modify the

Basic model with the following new site:

First step in completing the site name, then click next

[Figure 1-4 New Site basic step1]


The second step choose the site type. Determine whether the use of server-side technology. As the examples used in ASP.NET so choose the second option, and in the drop-down box, select ASP.NET.

[Figure 1-5 choose whether to use server-side technology]

The third step is to set the properties of test sites. Select the test mode and put files in the directory, click next.

[Figure 1-6 Test Site property set]

The fourth step to set the site URL, click next.

[Figure 1-7 to set the site URL]

Step set the shared files, as the examples in this level debugging, select the second item, click next.

[Figure 1-8 Share files Set]

The rest is summed up site, click Done.

[Figure 1-9 Site Summary]


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Youtube Movie to MPG Gold

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
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